Next Level Finishing

Consistent improvements in abrasive materials creates superior and longer performing discs and wheels. The resulting smoother finishes and cleaner cuts support efficient productivity and a healthier bottom line. With regarding to paint applications, electronic dosing systems optimize the process resulting in quick color changes and improvements in resource utilization. New Breakthrough Cut-off Wheel The Walter ZIP XX outlasts other industry-leading ceramic wheels by at least 30%. WALTER Surface Technologies (Windsor, CT), providing end users with metalworking solutions for more than 70 years, has introduced a new cut-off wheel designed to last longer and to increase productivity. The ZIP XX outlasts other industry-leading ceramic wheels by at least 30% and delivers, by far, the most cuts per wheel, thus reducing changeovers and downtime. It is a slightly thick 1/16” ceramic wheel with premium reinforcements that make it safer and more durable, all while not compromising speed. Thanks to its unique formulation of 100% self-sharpening ceramic grain, it cuts up to 10% faster than aluminum oxide wheels. It is engineered with the latest proprietary SMART RESIN technology, which allows the wheel to expose the fresh grains at the optimal moment to maximize longevity and sharpness. It also delivers smooth, clean cuts every time by minimizing the need to rework the piece as well as the risk of metal overheat or discoloration. Made of ceramic micro-crystals with pre-set fracture points that optimize the balance between cutting speed, durability, and high-performance, the ZIP XX delivers productivity, safety, comfort and efficiency. Compatible with steel, stainless steel, and hard alloys, this new wheel is available in 4.5”, 5”, 6” and 7” diameters to help you work better. Aluminum-Oxide, Shank-Mounted Flap Wheels in Long-Life and Premium-Cut Versions Weldcote’s long-life, shank-mounted aluminum-oxide flap wheels. Shank-mounted aluminum-oxide flap wheels from Weldcote (Kings Mountain, NC) provide aggressive cut rates and can be used in small, difficult-to-reach areas. Intended for use on pneumatic air tools, Weldcote’s shank-mounted flap wheels are available in high-quality, long-life aluminum oxide and premium-cut aluminum oxide that can be used on stainless steel, steel, alloyed steel, nonferrous metals, aluminum, titanium and glass. The A-PRIME long-life aluminum oxide flap wheels offer aggressive cut rates and are designed to work in difficult-to-reach areas. The A-PRIME premium-cut aluminum oxide flap wheels are a flexible X-weight material with a premium initial cut rate. The flexible flaps excel at getting in or around radii, holes and pipes and is an ideal product for finish sanding or small, contoured wood or metal parts.SP AIR USA, “Weldcote’s shank-mounted aluminum-oxide flap wheels’ design offers key advantages for end users, including enabling them to grind aggressively in difficult-to-reach places,” said Joe O’Mera, CEO of Weldcote. The flap wheels are available in ¾- to-3-inch sizes and grits ranging from 40-to-320. The shanks measure 1/4 inch. Both versions of the shank-mounted flap wheels are made with high-quality materials and are contaminate free of iron, sulfur and chlorine. A Precise Dosing System for 2K and 3K Paint Applications Dürr’s EcoDose 2K unit. Dürr’s (Southfield, MI) EcoDose 2K and 3K units are electronic dosing systems suitable for high and low-pressure applications in both manual and automatic processes. Optimized for quick color changes and easy flushing, they enhance resource utilization and result in higher efficiency. Fluids are measured consistently and precisely, even for media with different viscosities. Typical fluids handled are 1, 2 or 3K materials, water and solvent-based paints, clear coats, top coats and monolayer paints. Product benefits include: •   Flow rate measuring by Coriolis or gear flowmeter •   Exact volume-controlled dosing of both components •   High and constant mixing ratio accuracy •   Monitoring of all dosing functions such as pot life, catalyst ratio and components A & B with a dedicated alarm •   Automatic color change controlled by the volume •   Independent flushing circuits for both components » No premixing chamber •   Smooth start-up procedure •   Intuitive user interface for quick programming of individual settings •   High process reliability •   Easy maintenance •   Long service life Handheld Beveling Tool Works Well in Tight Spaces The SP-7252F Air Mini Beveller. The SP AIR handheld tool works well for deburring welds, beveling edges or for counter sinking for screw heads. The SP AIR SP-7252F Air Mini Beveller from VESSEL TOOLS USA (Torrance, CA) is a great addition to the fabrication toolbox. The handheld beveling tool is great for maneuvering in tight spaces, and deburring welds, beveling edges or for counter sinking for screw heads. The tool cuts circles with a minimum of 0.27” and material thickness of 0.1”. The free speed for the SP-7252F is 23,000 rpm. The tool will bevel steel or aluminum from .0-to-1.4 mm using either of two types of blades: chamfering or radius blades. This tool works well for aluminum because it moves the debris out the front of the tool, cooling the metal as you work. The system works using a three- blade system; the cutting blade is in the No. 1 position. Users can rotate the blade two more times. When the No. 1 blade dulls down, turn the No. 2 blade into cutting position and then the No. 3 side so you will always have a sharp blade available. New three-blade sets are also available to replace all the blades when they are dull. Flap Discs Provide Increased MRR and Improved Surface Finishes Norton’s Vortex Rapid Prep Non-Woven Flap Discs. Saint-Gobain Abrasives (Worcester, MA), one of the world’s largest abrasives manufacturers, offers the Norton Vortex Rapid Prep Non-Woven Flap Discs. The discs last longer and produce significantly increased cutting rates and smear-free finishes simultaneously. Norton’s patented Vortex agglomerated aluminum oxide grain technology enables the cutting power of a coarser grit while producing a finer finish in one abrasives disc solution. The company reports that based on tests performed, the new non-woven discs can increase material removal rates more than 50 percent compared to non-woven medium grit flap discs. Ideal for light blending, stripping, edge breaking and surface prep applications in a variety of industries such as metal fabrication and welding, the flap discs feature three-dimensional non-woven abrasive layers. This design ensures uniform finishing with a consistently low surface finish value. In addition, multiple layers of surface conditioning material provide added life, fewer disc changes for better efficiency, and reduced vibration. Norton’s proprietary Clean Bond® resin technology guarantees smear-free finishes and reduced loading when cutting aluminum and other softer metals. Discs are offered in 4-1/2ʺ-x-7/8ʺ and 4-1/2ʺ-x-5/8ʺ-11 sizes in fine, very fine, medium and coarse grits. Subscribe to learn the latest in manufacturing. The post Next Level Finishing appeared first on Fabricating and Metalworking.

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