A Brief Introduction To Steel Detailing Services

The quality of a building largely depends on the structural design that is responsible for safety also.  How safe and secure a construction is will largely depend on the quality of structural engineering. Detailed structural drawings are produced in the process of steel detailing and these need to be highly accurate to ensure a sound quality of construction. Steel detailing is a very specialized subject that is best left to professional service providers.

Profile of a steel detailer

A steel detailer is responsible for undertaking the steel detailing service. The detailer should have qualifications in drafting drawings, have acumen for mathematics and reasoning and possess technical knowledge of using software for generating drawings. Usually, CAD or computer aided design program is the staple technology that is used for creating engineering drawings.

The starting point

Engineers and architects are responsible for designing the building. They not only design it but also develop the specifications of the structural components that will be used for construction. Their ideas and thoughts are captured in the form of hand drawn sketches that are handed over to the detailer. After studying the sketches, the detailer sets on his work to convert these sketches into complete technical drawings maintaining the specifications that have been supplied.

Types of drawings

There are two types of drawings that are used for construction – shop drawings and erection drawings. Both these types can be handled by the detailer.

Shop drawings - Shop drawings contain the details of the steel components that are used for construction. These drawings are used by steel fabricators to fabricate the structure. The specifications of materials are indicated in the shop drawings as also the grade and type of steel that is to be used along with the sizes. The drawings are so detailed that it includes notes and directions about the bolting and welding features, too. There can be assembly drawings and single part drawings. The latter relates to each and every steel component that is used with all relevant details and the assembly drawings display the composite structural element like stairs, column, beam etc.

Erection drawings – As it can be made out from the name, these drawings are used by the erectors who are engaged in the process of construction. The focus is therefore on facilitating the construction work without much detailing. The emphasis is on positioning the steel members correctly and issuing construction guidelines to indicate how the erection has to be done.

Steel Detailing Services is thus crucial for construction of strong and robust structures. The level of accuracy of steel detailers can add value to the construction as it would do away with the necessity of re-working and save time and cost.

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