QR codes make hiring kit from AFI Rentals easier

AFI Rentals has launched a smart off-hire process using a MEWP-specific QR code on each powered access machine. The new system allows customers to quickly and easily off-hire their rental equipment using a unique QR code on each machine they scan with the camera on their phone. Every AFI Powered Access machine has a unique QR Code to off-hire without logging into an AFI Account or by simply scanning the machine-specific code using the camera on a smartphone or tablet. The codes, which are placed clearly on each machine, provide direct links to information specific to the machine and include Off-Hire, LOLER and PDI details, reporting breakdowns and machine familiarisation videos. Donna Stonall, Group Services Director, AFI, said:  “This has been a huge project for the AFI Rentals team requiring coordination across the entire business. We have invested in this latest technology to streamline our end-to-end hiring process and improve the user experience whilst creating efficiencies that honour our commitment to further reducing our carbon footprint. “This smart, automated system uses QR codes unique to each machine. AFI customers no longer have to rely on paper systems, call AFI or log into their company’s AFI account to off-hire a machine. “Instant access to information improves performance, productivity and safety on site and is extremely useful for contractors with many operatives and multiple machines in use on individual sites or projects.”

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