Handmade Resin Night Lights With Breathtaking Scenes

We’re unsure whether these night lights will give you sweet dreams or vivid nightmares but they’re all extremely cool. Each handmade resin and wood lamp contains a breathtaking scene that will set your imagination racing. In this collection, you’ll discover a starry, out-of-this-world space adventure, a wild dragon-filled sky, and mystical undersea adventures. Whether your fantasy is to swim with whales, turtles, dolphins, manta rays, jellyfish, mermaids, or amongst a shipwreck, there is a capsule of wonder with that experience locked inside. There are also some terrifying encounters with sharks to set your heart racing! The figures inside the epoxy resin are lit by a single beam of light, adding magic and mystery to the immersive art piece. $148BUY IT Space-Themed Night Light: Take off into the galaxy as you slip into sleep with an atmospherically lit, space-themed night light. This scene includes a zero-gravity astronaut and a spacecraft in flight. A great gift for astronomy lovers and science fiction fans both young and old. $148BUY IT Dragon Night Light: Fly with an ice dragon and a fire dragon in this spellbinding night light. Fine glitter powder is added to the epoxy resin to imitate the effect of ash trailing behind the beasts. This dragon art would look at home on the shelves of medieval fiction enthusiasts and Game Of Throne fans alike. $148BUY IT Mant Ray & Divers Night Light: A majestic manta ray and two scuba divers swim through this blue resin lamp. Light enters at the base of the art piece to make you feel like you are inside the underwater cave. When the light is switched on at night, blue light fills the bedroom with ocean mystery. $148BUY IT Whale Night Light: This handcrafted night light illustrates the awesome scale of a gracefully swimming whale compared to its tiny scuba diver companion. A lamp that’s sure to spark dreams of diving with the animals of the deep. $148BUY IT Shark Night Light: Whether you want to look at the friendly fins of a whale shark or something a little more terrifying, each one of these epoxy resin and wood lamps is unique. The wood has a natural fragrance, while the epoxy is completely odorless and non-toxic. $148BUY IT Shark Lamp: If you’ve ever watched movies like Jaws, Open Water, Deep Blue Sea, or The Meg, then you might not want this shark night light on your bedside table… Or maybe you would? This piece would make a real conversation piece next to an equally horrifying movie poster. A focused beam of light shoots directly into the mouth of the razor-toothed monster. $148BUY IT Sea Turtle & Mermaid Lamp: Reimagine the adventures of The Little Mermaid in this ocean cavern, where she swims in the company of a sweet sea turtle. An LED light shaft shines like sunlight through the blue water. A beautiful art piece to inspire sweet dreams of escape from the chaotic surface world. A magical piece of decor for a kid’s ocean-themed bedroom. $148BUY IT Octopus & Shipwreck Night Light: A shipwreck is approached by a giant octopus in this underwater scene. Each cave profile is individually formed with natural wood, making every piece completely unique. $148BUY IT Shipwreck Night Light: A perfect combination of wood and resin, these USB night lights have a replaceable 1-2W LED white light. The decorative lights do not illuminate the entire room but do provide soft mood lighting for a soothing ambiance. $188BUY IT Ocean Diorama: A breaching whale breaks free of its watery resin chamber to create this enchanting multi-layered diorama. A smaller whale and a scuba diver follow up after the leaping whale from the bottom of the sea. $298BUY IT Night Light Wedding Gift: Designed as a unique wedding present or engagement gift, this special night light depicts a bloom of jellyfish surrounding a diamond ring. Soothing lighting picks up the diamond in sparkling detail. $148BUY IT Manta Ray & Jelly Fish Night Light: Another stunning manta ray design, this time accompanied by a swarm of jellyfish. The walnut and resin night light comes in a large format version measuring 14 x 9 inches, and a smaller version measuring just 9 x 5 inches. $148BUY IT Jellyfish & Mermaid Night Light: This realistic little mermaid lamp features some jellyfish friends. Choose a large format lamp measuring 14 x 8 inches or a small night light measuring 8 x 5 inches. Each resin night light has a 0.5-inch margin of error due to its handmade nature. $148BUY IT Orca Whale Night Light: This design is all about the Orca whale. Choose a large format lamp to light up a side table or dresser. The smaller-sized night light is great for saving space on more crowded bedside tables or displaying within the confines of a bookshelf. $148BUY IT Dolphin Night Light: A friendly dolphin sends out good vibes from this aquatic adventure. Did you know that Bottlenose dolphins usually meander along at about 2 mph but can reach speeds of over 30 mph? They’re not going anywhere in this resin though. $148BUY IT Ocean Scene Night Light: This ocean odyssey depicts a chance meeting of two scuba divers with a magnificent whale. An experience never to forget. Use this nightlight to mark a sea-faring adventure with a friend or loved one. $148BUY IT Hammerhead Shark Night Light: Hammerhead sharks like to hunt out delicious stingrays alone, but this one is followed by two intrepid scuba divers as it searches the sea bed. $148BUY IT Sea Turtle Night Light: Light enters the bottom of this large resin and wood night light to illuminate a sea turtle and the two divers in a deep cave. Turn on the lamp at night to ignite the mysterious blue glow. $148BUY IT Scuba Diving Night Light: Made of walnut and resin, this diorama pools onto the tabletop with its blue glowing light. A magnificent whale leads the descent down through the underwater cave, tailed by two adventurous scuba divers. Recommended Reading:  50 Uniquely Cool Bedside Table Lamps That Add Ambience To Your Sleeping Space For more regular updates from Home Designing, join us on Facebook. 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