Experiment-Based Structural Mechanics

Experiment-Based Structural Mechanics Author(s)/Editor(s): Kyung-Jae Shin, Swoo-Heon Lee | Size: 10.4 MB| Format: PDF| Quality: Original preprint| Publisher: Springer| Year: 2021| pages: 162 | ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-9811583131 ISBN-10: 9811583137 This textbook demonstrates theoretical principles and actual cases of structural mechanics. This book explains basic definitions of beam, frame, and truss which are widely used in the field of structure mechanics and also shows important engineering tests such as moment distribution, characteristics of member section, analysis of a truss, analysis of a statically indeterminate structure, and principle of bending resistance of concrete section. These contents can help many students to figure out the resistance principle of a structure through simple model tests, dynamics, reinforced concrete structure, steel frame structure and understand how dynamic computational equation is mathematically used in structure mechanics. Code:*************************************** Content of this section is hidden, You must be registered and activate your account to see this content. See this link to read how you can remove this limitation: http://forum.civilea.com/thread-27464.html *************************************** This post has been made by CivilEA Post-Generator V2.4.0

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