Culture quiz: from vagrant pianists to Christopher Walken's past life

Test your arts knowledge with these questions from the Observer’s critics Which of the following is true of Emma Thompson? She is the only person to have won Academy Awards for both acting and writing She is a black belt in taekwondo She was the first female member of the Cambridge Footlights Before he became an actor, Christopher Walken had a job doing what? Airport baggage handler Florist Circus lion tamer Paul McGann played “I” in Bruce Robinson’s Withnail and I. But he was fired from the role during rehearsals. Why was he fired and how did he win back the role? Bruce Robinson felt that his Liverpool accent was wrong; he re-auditioned and promised to use a home counties accent He was a teetotaller playing a heavy drinker; he promised to get drunk at least once He couldn’t drive and the role required him to take the wheel on a motorway. He took a crash course and learned Who did not paint The Three Graces? Rubens Poussin Cranach How many Black Paintings did Goya make? 13 14 17 Franz Schubert, though only 31 when he died, composed many songs for voice and piano. How many did he write (to the nearest round figure)? 350 490 600 Which pianist was arrested for sitting on a park bench in midsummer, wearing an overcoat, hat and gloves, on suspicion of vagrancy? Lang Lang Daniel Barenboim Glenn Gould Which of these UK sitcoms ran on British television until it was lured behind the barn and hit with an axe? One for the (Frog and) Toad (1974, Anglia). A brief post-Carry On swansong for Jim Dale, featuring ex-East End pub landlords obliged, through gentrification, to relocate to Hastings, where they got their Euroscepticism in early The Etive Slavs (1999, BBC Scotland). Before Mark Bonnar was better known he starred here as the patriarch of an exiled Serbian Muslim family trying to run a pub amid the crofts of Torridon Come Back Mrs Noah (1977-78, BBC One). Written by the boys behind Are You Being Served?, this featured Molly Sugden. In space Peri Gilpin, born in Waco, Texas, in 1961, was a longstanding feature as which character in a US comedy? Janice in Friends Amy in Brooklyn Nine Nine Roz in Frasier All five of ITV’s (pre-lockdown) “Chasers” have appeared on Mastermind, choosing among their specialist subjects FA Cup finals, Ferdinand Magellan, The Simpsons, Lorenz Hart and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Who opted for Matt Groening’s cartoon? Anne “Governess” Hegarty Paul “Sinnerman” Sinha Mark “Beast” Labbett Which Booker prize-winning novelist has had two Racine translations put on stage? Alan Hollinghurst Julian Barnes Anita Brookner In which Shakespeare play does a dog called Crab appear? The Comedy of Errors A Midsummer Night’s Dream The Two Gentlemen of Verona Which prime minister cited the Smiths as their favourite band? Tony Blair Gordon Brown David Cameron Who said: “We only ever had one argument. It’s been lasting for 25 years”? Phil Everly about brother Don Oasis’ Noel about brother Liam Ray Davies about brother Dave Which UK rapper castigated the Tory government recently for their handling of the NHS? Stormzy Dave Big Narstie Radiohead’s landmark album Kid A turns 20 this year. Which of these statements is not true? It was their first No 1 album in the US Melody Maker rated it 1.5 stars out of 5I It was produced by Aphex Twin Who was the first woman to win the Pritzker prize? Lina Bo Bardi Zaha Hadid Denise Scott Brown Who was the architect of Tower Bridge in London? Horace Jones Horace Walpole Inigo Jones 13 and above. Pretty impressive stuff! But there's always room for more culture, and more points. See you next week? 17 and above. Wow. You pretty much ARE culture, aren't you? But don't let that crown slip... check back next week for more quizzery. 9 and above. Solid stuff! Maybe next week you can really push for the big leagues… 0 and above. Well, we don't want to make anyone feel bad. But that was... quite bad. Time for a brush-up? 4 and above. Not bad, not bad. But we think you know you could do better Continue reading...

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