Culture quiz: from Nicolas Cage's spending spree to the essence of cool

Tests your arts knowledge with these questions from the Observer’s critics At the height of his success, Nicolas Cage went on a spending spree which left him near bankruptcy. Which of the following did he NOT buy? An octopus A drinks cabinet made out of pieces of wood salvaged from a Mayan burial site A 70-million-year-old dinosaur skull When Midnight Cowboy was slated in a review in Village People, what did director John Schlesinger do with his offending copy? He used it as toilet paper He used it to line the cage of his pet rat He set fire to it Christian Bale famously lost 63lb for his role in The Machinist. But what did he eat every day in order to lose the weight? One can of tuna and one apple Cabbage soup Four tablespoons of quinoa and an egg-white omelette Who brought the Mona Lisa to France? Napoleon Bonaparte Leonardo Francesco del Giocondo Who made Mozarabic art? Christians Muslims Arabs “Every time I listen to [this composer] I get the urge to conquer Poland.” Who provoked this response in Woody Allen? Chopin Leonard Bernstein Wagner Which composer had seven identical corduroy suits and only ate white food? Erik Satie Igor Stravinsky John Cage Which is the odd-one-out Aussie soap, by dint of being set not in New South Wales but on Queensland’s Gold Coast? Breakers Paradise Beach Home and Away The lift in The Big Bang Theory was out of order – from the series’ early days in 2008 until The Change Constant, which was the second-last episode ever (Season 12, Episode 23), broadcast last year. What was the original cause of the malfunction? Leonard had tried to hide a surprise Christmas tree (for a pre-Penny paramour) in an empty shaft, tangling the wires Raj had drunkenly taped the doors with safety warning tape and then forgotten entirely The sump was full of experimental rocket fuel Granada’s Crown Court ran on afternoon TV from 1972 until 1984. In which fictional town was it set, a locale later made arguably even more famous by Viz magazine? Fulchester Bradfield Darrowby In which of the following does a washing machine sing? Caroline, or Change Hairspray The Kitchen Which playwright is the odd one out? Aphra Behn Christopher Marlowe Ben Jonson Who said that “being cool is not a state of mind, it’s a fact of life”? Keith Richards Miles Davis Nick Cave Which prime minister cited the Arctic Monkeys as his favourite band? Tony Blair Gordon Brown David Cameron Britney Spears’s hit single Oops! ... I Did It Again recently marked its 20th anniversary. Which of these statements about it is NOT true? Justin Timberlake played uncredited tambourine on the song Britney injured her head on the video set, requiring stitches The song features a spoken-word interlude that refers to the film Titanic What did the K-pop band BTS do recently? Split up Launched a Korean-language online course Learn Korean with BTS Donated the proceeds of sales of their own brand mobile phone to Korean Covid-19 relief Who designed the Trellick Tower in west London? Erno Goldfinger Denys Lasdun Max Zorin Who said “I am a whore1 and I am paid very well for high-rise buildings”? Richard Seifert Philip Johnson Rafael Vinoly 18 and above. Genius! 17 and above. Now you're just showing off! 16 and above. You know your onions! 15 and above. Smokin'! 14 and above. Very good 13 and above. Good stuff 12 and above. Pretty good 11 and above. Decent 10 and above. Fair 9 and above. Not too bad 8 and above. Average 7 and above. Don't shout about it 6 and above. Keep it to yourself 5 and above. Below average 4 and above. Try harder 3 and above. Try harder 2 and above. Rubbish 0 and above. Shocking 1 and above. Shocking Continue reading...

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