Why Structural Detailing Services is critical for fabrication

Any manufacturing or construction activity is undertaken by a team of engineers, architects, fabricators, contractors. There are some other contributors too like the designers and draftsmen. The success of the project greatly depends upon how efficiently the team members communicate among-st themselves about the technical aspects that are necessary to accomplish the goals of the project. Structural steel detailing provides the much needed language of communication between the stakeholders of the project who are responsible for its successful execution. Structural detailing services are outsourced by the companies and contribute significantly in the smooth execution of the construction or manufacturing activities.

Accuracy matters

Accuracy is what matters in executing a project with perfection. There cannot be any compromise on this account at any level of activity. The criticality of structural steel detailing lies in the fact that it has to be accomplished without any flaws. 100% accuracy is what is demanded from the people involved in structural engineering. Any errors, however small it may be can result in loss of time as well as money. Reworking is a waste that can be avoided by making the structural detailing drawings perfect.

What is structural detailing service?
The steel structures that we see are made up of several small parts and components that are joined together to give shape to the entire structure. The contractors and fabricators will have to be provided with detailed drawings that will help them to understand what constituent members are involved in the process of manufacturing or fabrication and how to assemble them in accordance to the design. The creation of the detailed drawings is known as the structural detailing services. Not only does it involve the creation of drawings but it also includes estimates, bill of materials and reports that are part of the fabrication or manufacturing process.

Types of drawings

Shop drawings – These are also known as detail drawings and as the name signifies, every minute details of the components used in fabricating the structure like joists, beams, columns, braces, trusses etc are captured in these drawings. The details include all information that are required for fabrication – the sizes of components and its dimensions, specification of the material to be used, details of painting and bolting as well as welding and surface specification to name a few. In fact, all information that is necessary for fabrication is included in the drawings.

Erection drawings – After the components have been fabricated, these have to be assembled and installed leading to erection of the structure. To guide the process of erection, another set of drawings are prepared. These are known as erection drawings that define the dimensional plans and specify the location where the individual components are to be placed within the overall structure. All information pertaining to the component and what are required for its installation including welding scheme and fasteners.

The scope of structural detailing services includes the preparation of both types of drawings and getting them approved by the architect and the structural engineer before releasing it for use in fabrication.

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