Back-Of-Queue Warning Trucks in Efforts to Improve Work Zone Safety

Back-Of-Queue Warning Trucks in Efforts to Improve Work Zone Safety amiller Fri, 09/10/2021 - 15:20 INDOT Work Zone Safety Showcase at the Robert D. Orr Plaza near the Indiana Statehouse on Monday, April 19, 2021. A very special thank you to Al Dean for helping Trinity Highway capture this event. You will be greatly missed. With more than $2B slated for roadway maintenance and construction projects across the state of Indiana in 2021, the upcoming road construction season promises to be a busy one. And along those freshly paved roads, Hoosiers will be seeing lots of back-of-queue warning trucks like the SS180®M, also known as truck-mounted attenuators or TMAs. The SS180®M TMAs, manufactured by Trinity Highway, were shown to the general public during a Work Zone Safety Showcase at the Robert D. Orr Plaza near the Indiana Statehouse on Monday, April 19. Site-Safe, LLC and The Hoosier Company, Inc. supplied the SS180®M TMAs on display at the showcase. “Partnership across the road construction industry is what it takes to make this record-breaking construction season a safe one.” –  Hope Tollett, Fleet Manager at Site-Safe, LLC Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), in conjunction with road construction contractors, state police, and safety equipment suppliers, hosted the Work Zone Safety Showcase to highlight new safety measures being implemented to help reduce the risk of crashes in work zones and make them safer for road construction crews.  “The Hoosier Company as a partner with INDOT is excited to see technology be used in the work zone to reduce back of queue crashes. The highway construction industry is all in this together to make sure everyone on the Indiana roadways makes it home safely to their families.” – Josh Coulter, Director of Highway Safety Products, The Hoosier Company The SS180®M equipped back-of-queue warning trucks, automated queue warning systems, and the connected technology alert system are part of a three-pronged approach to improve work zone safety by combining equipment with technology solutions. The SS180®M will be fitted with high visibility warning lights and portable message boards designed to warn motorists to prepare to slow down or stop when approaching a work zone. “The Protect the Queue program has increased visibility of backups and reduced severe rear-end collisions,” said Coulter. “Everyone would like to see zero deaths in our work zones this season.” – Josh Coulter “Site-Safe is honored to partner with INDOT by utilizing connected technology on our entire fleet, which provides notification to drivers ahead of construction zones, ultimately saving lives.”  – Hope Tollett In 2019, Indiana formed a task force to research and test various solutions to improve work zone safety. The Protect the Queue program – which pairs two queue trucks ahead of a backup to alert motorists to an upcoming backup so that drivers can begin to slow their speeds in advance of the queue, was developed out of this initiative and piloted in 2020. In addition to the Protect the Queue program, INDOT offers the Hoosier Helpers program to assist stranded motorists. It also works closely with research institutions like Purdue University and the Joint Transportation Research Program to evaluate new solutions. The Hoosier Company has been active with various aspects of the three INDOT programs.   Editor's Note: Scranton Gillette Communications and the SGC Infrastructure Group are not liable for the accuracy, efficacy and validity of the claims made in this piece. The views expressed in this content do not reflect the position of the Roads & Bridges' Editorial Team.

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