Scrawny trees, patchy grass, terrible view ... why £6m Marble Arch Mound still falls flat

After a summer of free entry, visitors will now have to pay up to £8 to climb the London project. But will they bother? It has been called a “BTec Eiffel Tower” and a “slag heap”. It’s been compared to “a car-park Santa’s grotto, with dogs pretending to be reindeer”. The Marble Arch Mound, the temporary artificial hill commissioned by Westminster city council as an “ambitious” visitor attraction, has become, as a representative of the local community put it, “an international laughing stock”. The council responded to criticism by allowing free entry during August, and a certain number of the curious and the ghoulishly fascinated have turned up. This week it will start charging again. Given fundamental flaws in the project’s conception, the question is whether people will want to pay £8 for a weekend fast-track ticket now, any more than they did when it first opened at the end of July. Related: Ten years of the Serpentine's star pavilions Continue reading...

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