MoMA wants to cancel Philip Johnson – many who knew him do not | Michael Henry Adams

A gallery bearing the architect’s name also seeks to obliterate it. A fellow gay Ohioan, I hold his youthful outrages forgivable Whether you’re me or the Duchess of Sussex, to be Black is to always be negotiating around the bias of others. Racism is omnipresent. White supremacy is the west’s original sin. Related: This is the Fire review: Don Lemon's audacious study of racism – and love When the goal is inclusion, is a tit-for-tat banishment necessary or even useful? He kept paying me the same he paid everyone else … for five long years. And he also gave me personal crits on my school projects … I got the chance to meet Louis Kahn, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and others and go to parties with them, because they all knew Philip Johnson and he would invite everyone to the party. I wouldn’t trade that for any school in the entire world: Going to school up at City College, and being in the office of Philip Johnson.” Related: We've been to a marvelous party: when gay Harlem met queer Britain Continue reading...

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